The Disease of Being Busy


November 06, 2014

Our over-scheduled lives leave little time for contemplation and reflection. How do we enable each other to pause and reflect together and ask how our hearts are doing?

Excerpt:  ‘Stillness’ Pico Iyer

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Passionately argued, impressively researched, and filled with indelible stories of real people, Quiet shows how dramatically we undervalue introverts, and how much we lose in doing so.

Susan Cain charts the rise of the Extrovert Ideal in the twentieth century and explores its far-reaching effects.

She questions the dominant values of American business culture, where forced collaboration can stand in the way of innovation, and where the leadership potential of introverts is often overlooked.

                In this episode, finding quiet in our busy lives. How can we step back and make time to reflect in an increasingly distracted and hurried world?



Excerpt:  ‘Quiet’ Susan Cain

The Joy of Quiet


Published: December 29, 2011

Why Chasing Success and Happiness Are Making You Unsuccessful and Miserable

Why The Western Way of Life

Is Killing Us: Flow, Intrinsic

Motivation, and Intuition.


Excerpt:  ‘Stillness’ Pico Iyer

For almost three decades, John Francis has been a planetwalker, traveling the globe by foot and sail with a silent message of environmental respect and responsibility. For 17 of those years he didn't speak a word.


Popular culture is confused about solitude.

The image of 'happiness', conveyed by television and advertising, is of a merry group of friends, while being 'alone' and being 'lonely' are considered almost synonymous. But one in three of us now live alone, and that number is set to rise.


Thoreau said: "I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers."

The Pleasure and Magic of Shared Silence


January 09, 2015

So often it's the quiet moments with someone that cements and deepens a relationship. An acknowledgement (and a bit of a love letter) to the silence that joins us together.

The Last Quiet Places: Silence and the Presence of Everything


Silence is an endangered species, says Gordon Hempton. He defines real quiet as presence — not an absence of sound, but an absence of noise. The Earth, as he knows it, is a "solar-powered jukebox." Quiet is a "think tank of the soul." We take in the world through his ears.

Listening to the World

February 05, 2015

Often quoted, but rarely interviewed, Mary Oliver is one of our greatest and most beloved poets. At 79, she honors us with an intimate conversation on the wisdom of the world, the salvation of poetry, and the life behind her writing.

by Pico Iyer
An unexpected truth from a celebrated travel writer: Stillness just might be the ultimate adventure. Pico Iyer reveals how stillness can act as a creative catalyst, and advocates for a way of living that counters the frenetic design of our modern lives.

The Introvert's Corner

How to live a quiet life in a noisy world






How The Quiet Revolution Got Started

With meditation practices on the rise, it makes sense that there is some confusion out there. Myths, misnomers and misinformation are to be expected ... After discussing things you should know about meditation and ways anyone can learn, next we tackle things people simply keep getting wrong.

Sasha Bronner

It doesn’t have to be the enemy. It can be a friend, if you can find a way to make it so. But it makes you wonder how many of us in our fast-paced society ever choose to do so. How many people in our world treat silence as an enemy? Is there cost to that?

My Complicated Relationship with Silence

Humans seek. Very few of us can happily sit in a hammock and look at the sky. Before long, we’re off, seeking something new. We are happiest when we’re in search mode, seeking rewards of some description and our need to seek explains many of our behaviors, which at times are perplexing even to us.

If Jung was right, that people are different in fundamental ways that drive them from within, then the quirkyalone is simply to be added to the pantheon of personality types collected over the 20th century. Only now, when the idea of marrying at age 20 has become thoroughly passé, are we quirkyalones emerging in greater numbers.

by Sasha Cagen

When a fresh batch of snow falls to the ground, the world tends to quiet down. That could partially be attributed to human factors: it's likely winter, people aren't out as much and traffic comes to a halt. However, there are more scientific reasons for the quietude. When a fresh blanket of snow settles down, it's doing a lot more than turning the world into a winter wonderland.


Hate Parties? This Girl Can Relate

"If Lorde's 'Royals' was a rallying cry for those who felt isolated by the rampart materialism in pop culture, then Alessia Cara's 'Here' is the anthem for those fed up with the glut of pop songs about partying and drinking. Thanks to the teenage R&B singer, being an introvert is finally cool again."

“..far from putting similar efforts into encouraging children to develop a healthy capacity to be alone, or to explore what being alone means to them, and to enjoy solitude, we go to extraordinary lengths to 'protect' them from any such practice and experience."

reposted here: 08/17/16

“We are at this point in history so deeply fixated on the idea that poverty must always be involuntary and therefore the result of lack of talent and indigence, we can’t even imagine that it might be the result of an intelligent and skilled person’s free choice based on a rational evaluation of costs and benefits.”

A quiet life sounds like an option that only the defeated would ever be inclined to praise. Our age is overwhelmingly alive to the benefits of active, dynamic, ‘noisy’ ways of living. Lauding a quiet life has some of the eccentricity of praising rain.

“Oh the irony!!” Unabashed Introversion.

The irony in this pop tune and accompanying music video should be obvious; an introvert publicly proclaiming her aversion to parties and certain kinds of people--at a party--in a music video to promote her album and career as a pop star.













ADAPT      FLOW              EVOLVE

“dow • osso • fee”

Equip yourself against the trappings

of the ego and align with the way.

contemplation, meditation, stillness of the mind--awareness of things as they are and of the anxiety of ego-based activity; being, not just doing.


is not reached through acquisition, it is a relinquishment

of the things that make us unhappy.