”A writer or any artist can’t expect to be embraced by the people. I've done records where it seemed like no one listened to them. You write poetry books that maybe 50 people read. And you just keep doing your work because you have to, because it’s your calling
“Calibrate yourself to be fair”
“Forge your own path”
Pastor: “I don’t think God exists”
Etiquette: “HD, Smaych-D”

“Be defined by how you define

yourself, not what you’re born into.”

“Pull yourself and your own wishes and desires out of the equation.”

"...people very much value certainty and knowing and are uncomfortable saying that they don't know."

Don’t sweat the details... literally!

“By having a blind precess, we’re actually protecting ourselves from ourselves.”

Orchestra audition process to eliminate discrimination

Trauma is our special legacy as sentient beings, creatures burdened with the knowledge of our own impermanence. -David Morris (embedded journalist)

The mechanics of loss
Excerpt:  ‘Quiet’ Susan Cain

“paying attention to something outside yourself is just enough to find yourself centered again.”

Excerpt:  ‘Stillness’ Pico Iyer

“You can’t really know what you alone think unless you are willing to be by yourself for a while”

The Way Of Spontaneity

The art and power of spontaneity, in ancient philosophy, in jazz, in everyday life. We’ll look at “Trying Not To Try,” the Chinese concept of “Wu-wei”, and the completely focused mental state of “flow.”

The Meaning of Human Existence

How did humanity originate and why does a species like ours exist on this planet? Do we have a special place, even a destiny in the universe? Where are we going, and perhaps, the most difficult question of all, "Why?"

“Heaven’s Here On Earth” - Tracey Chapman


The Practice of Just-Awareness

shikan-taza, translated as "just-sitting".









(1:27) “Out of Body” Body Schema: The science behind the out of body experience. FULL STORYhttp://www.radiolab.org/story/91527-out-of-body-roger/shapeimage_28_link_0

Science writer Jo Marchant says that the mind can play an important role in dealing with a variety of Health concerns, including pain, heart disease and depression.

A rigorous, skeptical, deeply reported look at the new science behind the mind's surprising ability to heal the body.

Helping The Mind Heal The Bodyhttp://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/01/26/464372009/how-meditation-placebos-and-virtual-reality-help-power-mind-over-bodyshapeimage_29_link_0

Just-awareness is essentially an all-inclusive experience that includes and accepts everything that comes into awareness, by resting in awareness itself.

1.  Make Eye Contact.

This first rule is very obvious but frequently forgotten.  If you don't look at the person while they're speaking, you give them the impression that you don't care what they say.  In essence, it appears as though you don't even care about them.  Simple.

2.  Don't Interrupt.

Let the person speak uninterrupted.  To master the art of listening you need to halt any good thoughts that come to mind and let the person say everything they need to say.  Often times people simply need someone to talk to, not someone who will butt in and give their own thoughts and opinions.  The goal is to shine the spotlight on them, not you.

3.  Practice "Active Listening".

The art of listening isn't simply about staying quiet 100% of the time, it's also about asking questions.  These questions are for clarification, or for further explanation so that you can fully understand what the speaker is telling you.  For instance, questions like these are brilliant: "Are you saying that _______",  "What I heard you say was ______",  "Did you mean that _______".

4.  Show You Understand.

Another great way to show that you understand what the person is telling you is to nod.  You can also make noises that show you're in tune with what the person is saying such as "yes", "yeah", "mhmm", "okay".  This seems trivial, but it's important to not behave like a zombie and demonstrate some interest and comprehension.   (read the full post)


 FULL STORYhttp://www.radiolab.org/story/91527-out-of-body-roger/shapeimage_31_link_0

Sound Advice

‘Out of Body’ Experience Explainedhttp://www.radiolab.org/story/91527-out-of-body-roger/shapeimage_44_link_0
All Luck Is Bad

Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris of The Atheist Experience discuss the futility of relying on luck and how doing so keeps one from realizing and cultivating their real potential.

(Excerpt from the May 29, 2016 show) For more on the futility of relying on luck: The Adam Carolla Show, 5/23/16, (play episode)


The sad fact is, many people live by a very different set of rules, and while most of these folks eventually self-destruct, they can inflict severe damage on our personal and professional lives in the process. Recounted here in real life historical examples and anecdotes.

The 48 Laws of Power

ADAPT      FLOW              EVOLVE

“dow • osso • fee”

Equip yourself against the trappings

of the ego and align with the way.



Patti Smith: “Just do good work”

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