You can only lose that, which you cling to.

Non-attachment: not becoming enslaved to anything and living like a lotus leaf in the waters of life, without being touched by it or polluted by it.

It is living free from the encumbrances of life and the attractions and distractions it has to offer, not passively by running away from them, but actively by developing equanimity and self-awareness.

Attachment means holding on to things as if you cannot live without them or as if your very happiness and existence depend upon them. These are the mental bonds you develop with things and objects you believe are important for you and your happiness.

Your attachments are part of your consciousness. They bind you to the sensory world and limit your vision, knowledge and awareness. They determine your actions, reactions and inactions, your joys and sorrows and your successes and failures.

When you’re attached to things, they take control of your life, your body, mind and senses and define your life, personality and destiny. They also limit your freedom and awareness.


by Jayaram V,